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If you are interested in obtaining a grant to promote education through the DEA, please see the information below about a Delran Education Association PRIDE grant. If you have any questions please contact Susan Howard at: showard@delranschools.org 

The application can be accessed here. 

When opening the application, click, “Enable Editing.” The application should be uploaded into Google Docs and completed. All completed applications should be sent/shared to Susan Howard at: showard@delranschools.org 

Delran Education Association

September 2023 – August 2024 PRIDE PROPOSAL



  1. Purpose of PRIDE Grants – to bring the community into the schools. Events must include community members / parents.  Pride grants are not for things you want to do in your classroom. 
  2. Organizers will purchase items listed on this grant (with the exception of PROMO items**).  Organizer will keep all original receipts to submit to the committee after the event to ensure reimbursement.  Nothing can be purchased at Sam’s Club or Walmart.

**Note: If there is a large expenditure and the organizer needs assistance paying money upfront please let us know in advance.** 

  1. Sometimes things change and you need to order something different for an event than listed on the grant.  Or you order different food than listed.  That is fine.  This will not affect reimbursement as we know things change.  However, you cannot go over the amount budgeted for food/items to be purchased.  So plan accordingly. 
  2. Gift cards cannot be purchased with PRIDE money.  Items can be “raffled” if no money is used. ie) tickets are given for attending.  Raffled items cannot exceed $100 value.
  3. One reimbursement check will be sent to the organizer.  It is the organizer’s responsibility to disburse monies as paid out by volunteers.  Keep a copy of receipts that are sent.
  4. All submissions must have a date, even if tentative.  Note:  if that date changes, the PRIDE/FAST committee MUST be notified to ensure NJEA is notified and we are properly reimbursed.
  5. Please fill out the attached proposal completely. Email with any questions you may have:  showard@delranschools.org  


Submitting the Grant:   ALL proposals due by December 15th.  Grant must be submitted and approved PRIOR to your event.   


All proposals MUST be submitted VIA EMAIL as an attachment using GOOGLE DOCS.

Send to: showard@delranschools.org  You will be notified when your proposal has been received and then contacted again when it has been approved by NJEA.